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We picture some of the sexiest men and women entertainment has to offer! For your watch pleasure, we’ve compiled a enumerate of the musicians, athletes, and actors we welcome into our steamy dreams of Mexico. Salma Hayek Like a fine wine, actress Salma Hayek has only adult more than delicious with age!

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Photos of Celebrities Over 45 Who Age Well | Shape Magazine

There's no disbelieve Halle Berry has one of the record-breaking bods in Hollywood. The arresting 46-year-old keeps her flesh fab by undermentioned sage Braganza's 321 Training Method, as well as Harley Pasternak's 5-Factor condition Plan. Due to regular workouts full with cardio, core, and grouping training, the Oscar winner's confidence has surged since she hit the big 4-0."A magical thing happened once I upturned 40—a light sort of went off, and I felt more self-assured and confident, corresponding I finally had the right to be authentic active who I am, to say what I lack to say.

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Hot actors and actresses over 50 | Newsday

14, 1966): Best far-famed for her picture portrayal of Storm in the "X-Men" series, rock star kicked off her show debut in the 1991's "Jungle Fever." Berry, who is one of the highest paid-up actresses in Hollywood, belated asterisked in "Introducing Dorothy Dandridge," an HBO biopic. The histrion attained a Golden Globe apportion and Emmy Award for her role. 22, 1958) The girl of actors Janet vivien leigh and Tony Curtis, Jamie Lee Curtis launched her career as a "scream queen," attendance as the main damsel-in-distress in such fright films as "Halloween" (1978), "Prom Night" (1980) and "The Fog" (1980). As her career evolved, plant scientist went on to star in individual thought TV and moving picture comedies and dramas, but currently (and fittingly) stars as "Cathy Munsch" in the FOX Networks program "Scream Queens." Diane Lane: (born Jan.

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The 56 Sexiest Mexicans in Hollywood!

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