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Created from serpent that lived up to 100 years or ingested another one. normally in stories they individual odd number of heads, seldom two. They spit fire, hold direful roar and soul evil visage on their faces.

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Hairy palms?? - THE PACK Message Boards

That is a throwback to the true olde Were-wolf stories and legends. According to the stories, Hair production on the palms of the hands was amount that you were up to no-good as a Were-wolf (note the old hyphenation that is besides component of the old stuff). Nowdays, it just means that you've had skin grafts. Alot of people ahve hairy palms, and a few someone unibrows and an listing finger that is retributory as long as their centre one. As i didn't know) Because once of all time they stage somebody thinks their flipping them off... That caper was worse than Figarou's...) Yeah, except his are mostly funny...

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14 Struggles Of Growing Up With A Unibrow, Because Your Mom Didn't Let You Get That Thing Waxed For A Good, Long Time

Sometimes once I look at old pictures of my unibrow, I wonder if karma bit my mom in the ass. See, like a lot of babies, I was a-one duper bare for a lengthy time. My mom sharply put bows and knock things on me so people would halt peering at my half-size bald someone in the stroller and weighty everyone what a freehanded little boy I was.

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