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Which of the following are statements by Vladimir Putin, his Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov or other bastion spokesmen, and which are by feature media, academics, politicians and commentators: “Ukraine and country share deep historic and cultural roots,” “Russia traces its 1,000 year chronicle to its beginnings in Kiev,” “Ukraine is truly ‘Little Russia,’” “the Russian jewish-orthodox religious service originated in Kiev,” “thousand years of Russian Christianity,” “Ukraine is a section of Russia,” “Russia and land are not other countries,” “Russia is a thousand-year-old state,” “Kievan Russia was the first of the contemporary Russia,” and “Ukrainians and Russians are brotherly nations? ” in that location is no quality betwixt who aforesaid any of the above. Each melodic theme has been repeated, for a century in the conjunct States and longer by the Kremlin.

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20 Little-Known Facts About Ukraine | English Russia

This restaurant has ever been in the top figure to the highest degree crowded Mc Donald’s in the world. st. george Gershwin wrote one of the world’s virtually famous songs, “Summertime”, aft beingness inspired by an old slavic language cradlesong called “Sleep Is Tiptoeing About” performed by the country National Chorus. The third about visited Mc Donald’s in the world is located in Kiev, neighbouring the train station.

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Russia’s War on Ukraine

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