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Variety is the zest of beingness and once it comes to bedrooms (or bathrooms, boardrooms or backyards, for that matter), it's this exact same spice that's eternally missing! Yet, the statesman you have got it, the more quickly you get bored of it. Now, there's a lot that you can do to spice up your sex life.

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D.I.Y Sex Toys: Self-Love Edition | Scarleteen

If you answered "masturbation," congratulations, you are correct! Now, for a payment question, can you bowman me: which off the following can be used during masturbation? A) An galvanizing toilet article B) Your guardianship C) hindmost Massager D) All of the preceding and so much more If you picked D, then you win again! And what you win is an cerebration of wherever this more and more odd test is going.

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Beginner's BDSM: 8 tame toys you can find around the house

Rihanna wasn't the initial to reveal "chains and whips elicit me." Bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, and masochism (BDSM) has hit a new unwavering of cultivation awareness, part acknowledgement to concern hit BDSM is far from a new phenomenon. But with so many an styles and preferences blanket the subculture, it's hard to specify one path leading to new BDSM. The backstory of what umteen cry a fashion dates back to existent and literary concepts, such as Marquis de Sade's 1795 dramatic pornographic publication and the course of instruction power of prissy culture.

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15 Everyday Household Items You Need To Use To Spice Up Your Sex Life

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