Why do men love anal

It’s a question that hits straight (those who are not gay) masses as well as other gay men as well equivalent a landmine. I have encountered some who are put off by the same. In this article, I do not tackle the morality of the act but preferably the reasons behind the act. First, let’s not make the inaccurate supposal that all gay men love anal sex. It is said that, to know the truth, you requirement hold no opinions.

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Why do men enjoy performing anal so much? | Condomania

Top 11 reasons why guys enjoy play-acting anal sex with their woman. :) It's tabu - Anal has, end-to-end history been known as a sexual tabu fruit so to speak. According to research, this 'off limits' factor makes it appear extra beseeching to men.";' class="email-action"Anal has, passim account been known as a intersexual proscribed fruit so to speak. After all, anal is all roughly sex just for the welfare of sex.

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Why do so many men want/love anal sex with women? - GirlsAskGuys

I've heard more theories and I fair lack to discover first paw from all of you guys. about family line say because it's so constricting and there's additional friction, others say because it turns the guy on to put the female in mild pain, others because it's a turn on to "claim" all tercet major holes: mouth, pussy, and ass.

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7 Reasons Why Gay Men Love Anal Sex – SWOP Phoenix

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