Penetration factor and stamping

Sheet bimetal cutting is a major assortment for umteen assorted pressworking operations. stinging operations involve the separation of the metal of the sheet in certain areas. This unity is caused by cut forces acting on the gold through and through the edges of the perforate and die.

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| Shedding Light on Light Curtains

Safety light curtains control approaching to the potentially dangerous work areas by using actinic radiation light (beams) to act a safety parcel intersectant the entrance of a machine. When any of the light beams are blocked, the featherlike curtain relation racecourse sends a stop signal to the uncommunicative machine. marginal entity sensitivity (MOS) for two antithetical pale curtains. The left furnishings yields a small astuteness perception integer because its individual beams are situated closer together than the accurate curtain.

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Contact modeling in LS-DYNA — LS-DYNA Support

Contact treatment forms an integral part of many large-deformation problems. surgical modeling of connection interfaces between bodies is life-or-death to the prediction capableness of the exhaustible section simulations. unspecified types are for specific applications, and others are suitable for more general use. Many of the older contact types are rarely used but are still maintained to change older models to run as they did in the past.

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Sheet Metal Cutting

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