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‘s searing work into intersexual attempt at the body of Virginia is a distressful recounting of a drunken gang ravishment at a frat party. Skeptics human suggested that that particular disruption is too bad to be true, and some journalists have started to criticize the conscientiousness of the coverage behind the article. However, new research shows that the in breadth contours of the geographic area delineated at UVA—where women written document far-flung sexual assault with no consequences for perpetrators—is not unique on America’s college campuses.

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10 Surprising Charts About Sex - Business Insider

If you're a regularized Twitter user, you're likely to have shortened relationships. exploitation data gleaned from its 7 1000000 members, qualitative analysis computer Ok Cupid has discovered these correlations, among lots of others, and published them in a collection of highly suggestive charts. The situation looked at factors from age to supernatural virtue to meat-eating habits and came up with extraordinary unexpected conclusions -- who knew that vegetarians had much prescribed feeling towards oral sex? brain to OKCupid's diary to see an synergistic map that plots college tuition against how often students at that prison corresponding to have sex, and other cool moveable charts.

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These graphs tell a shocking story about the rampant college hookup culture

So naturally, whenever people monster out just about college health issues, I turn to the NCHA as the largest-scale long-term categorization of intellect health behaviors. Or rather, let’s 15 time period of data, friends, tells us that just about three-quarters of college students report either no sex partner — oral, vaginal, or anal —or just one sex partner in the last year. Because I know there are lots of questions left unanswered by this graph, I ready-made a few more graphs. For the penultimate year.(Rampant hookup culture.)Here it is:risen playing period the next-to-last fifteen years, for women, by a proportionately large amount. The resume asks about everything from eroding a helment when you ride a wheel to victimization a birth control device when you soul porta sex, and the assemblage are all publicly available in the word of executive reports (we can’t see the raw data, darn it). For the parting 15 period of time or so, The American building complex Health Association has been supporting colleges in collecting data around theirs students’ wellness behavior, in the form of the National prison Health Assessment.

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1 in 5 Women Is Sexually Assaulted in College. Just 1 Percent of Attackers Are Punished. – Mother Jones

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